Telemedicine appointments available

how to get connected...

First Step...Identify which program you will be using



Apple/IOS | You will be using FaceTime

skip to below for further instruction



Microsoft Windows Computers & Laptops/Android (Non-Apple) Smartphones | You will be using Google Duo 

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TeleMedicine allows patients to manage health care remotely, while maintaining social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC and State of Maine. 


The idea behind a TeleMedicine appointment is that patients will be able to keep their health management on schedule and in control during this pandemic.


Most appointments can be transitioned into a TeleMedicine appointment; call our office to switch!


Acceptable Appointments for TeleMedicine

COPD/Asthma Checks

Mental Health Medication Checks

Thyroid Checks must get lab work done prior

Diabetes Management must get lab work done prior

Blood Pressure Checks must have home cuff calibrated to office cuff

Cholesterol Checks must get lab work done prior

If you need assistance with installing these systems please call the office. We have staff who can help ensure TeleMedicine is available for all patients.

Apple/ISO | FaceTime

iPad & iPhone

Mac Desktops


All Apple products come with FaceTime installed 


Just let us know if you are connected VIA cell phone # or email address. 

Microsoft Windows/Android | Google Duo

Tablets & Android/Non-Apple SmartPhones

Microsoft Windows Computers & Tablets

Google ChromeBooks

Any Non-Apple Product with webcams

Androids/Tablets usually have Duo installed & listed under the "Google" folder 


Search for this app in either your PlayStore or AppStore

We have taken the steps to ensure these are HIPPA compliant programs to ensure patient information safety

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